Rodent Control | South Florida

Rodent Control | South Florida

Rodent Control South Florida is crucial in our warm climate.  Don’t wait for that loud screeching “Eek!” to come from your significant other.  Rats are the most destructive pests in South Florida.  They are responsible for over 40% of house fires, parasites, fleas and ticks also cultivate around them.  Rodents can transmit up to ten diseases and even carried the black plague from decades ago.

Florida rats usually grow up to 14 inches long with their tail comprising half of their entire length.  These rodents are very different in color, ranging from dark black to a reddish tan.  Florida rats reach their sexual maturity around two to three months old.  These rats wil reproduce, at least, every two months, averaging about 9 pups per litter.  These rats can live on just one-half ounce of garbage and water per day.  Be careful if you ever see a Florida rat!  Their teeth grow up to 5 inches a year, causing them the constantly gnaw on clothes, furniture, electrical wires and more to shorten their incisors.

Where are Florida rats found?

Florida rats can be found in the ground or high in perches.  Common locations include: nests, attics, under rocks, in fruit trees and under cabinets.

How Do I Prevent a Rat Infestation?

To prevent a rat infestation in your South Florida home, be sure to seal ALL food sources  including animal food.  Remove any rocks or debris from the perimeter of your home and seal ANY cracks that measure larger than a quarter inch.

Rat Control South Florida | All Things Pest Control

All Things Pest Control will carefully inspect your home, searching for all possible entry points. Spring traps, cages, or poisons may seem like sufficient options, but these tools often prove impotent in the fight against rat infestation.

The most effective way to combat florida rats is with an inspection by All Things Pest Control. If you suspect that your home or property has been invaded call All Things Pest Control immediately and we will help you keep your rat related costs to a minimum.

Don’t take that risk! Schedule a thorough inspection from All Things Pest Control and we will help you protect your home from Florida Rats!

Rodent Control | South Florida