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Roach Control South Florida

A roach infestation is a difficult thing to detect.  Most homeowners have no idea they’re harboring one of the most common household bugs until they suddenly hear a loud crunch under their bare feet.  Roaches are a Florida homeowners worst nightmare.  As nocturnal creatures, they can thrive in alarming numbers while going almost unnoticed.  They’re found nationwide, with Florida roaches, the Blattodea, thriving in South Florida.  Roaches can alsobecome destructive in larger numbers.

Roach Control in South Florida should be required to keep your home safe.  Florida roaches, also known as palmetto bugs, can destroy food, damage book bindings and fabrics and spread disease.  When Florida roaches touch ANY type of food, they often excrete germs and filth that leave behind offensive odor, thus attracting MORE roaches.

How do Florida Roaches Grow to Become a Threat?

Florida roaches deposit their eggs in a leathery case called an “ootheca.” This large group of eggs can contain up to 48 eggs!  Newly hatched nymphs have no wings and will shed their skin several times before becoming an adult.

Florida is home to several species of roaches.  The three main Florida roaches are: American roaches, Australian roaches and Brown roches.  These three roach types are very similar.  Sharing a size between 1 to 1 1/2 inches in size.  They all have brownish wings, light markings on the thorax and heavy carriers for a variety of pathogens.


How to Prevent Florida Roaches…

Here at All Things Pest Control, we suggest two methods for ridding your Florida home of roaches.  First, is prevention.  Maintain a clean home, free of crumbs and seal your perishable food.  Also, vacuum regularly to eliminate the skins and feces of Florida roaches.

How to CONTROL Florida Roaches…

The only way to ensure optimal roach control of your Florida home is to contact a professional at All Things Pest Control.  We can rid your home or business of roaches indefinitely.  Schedule an appointment with All Things Pest COntrol Today!