Palm Care | South Florida

Palm Care | South Florida

Palm Care | South Florida is important.  Many Florida residents take pride in their homes and the surrounding land that cultivates it.  Most properties are kept clean to maintain the neighborhoods they flourish in.  Newly transplanted palms should be protected immediately from palm weevils and but rotting fungal organisms.  Also, established palms need specific nutritional feedings to prevent palm weevils and but rot in South Florida on a quarterly basis.

Large palms are an integral part of our ecosystem and cost thousands of dollars to replace, so it’s best to prevent these problems before they occur.  Plus, hundreds of palm attacking bugs and insects are prevalant in South Florida including:

  • Boring Insects
  • Scale Insects
  • Fungusbut rot south florida pest control palm care south florida
  • Skeletonizers
  • Bag Worms

Yellowing Chlorosis is also difficult to maintain.  Our quarterly treatments at All Things Pest Control include a granular fertilization on every vist, as well as, a full drenching of the crown with an insecticide and a fungicide.

Outdoor pest control is important.  To maintain your South Florida home’s lawn and shrubs we recommend that you let us handle the weeds and insects while providing your South Florida plants from disease and infestation.

All Things Pest Control provides complete lawn services.  We use only the high quality products for better results and safety.

We can give you references of other Lawn Care | Tree-Shrub Care | Outdoor Pest Control jobs we have done.

Palm Care | South Florida