Drywood Termites | South Florida

Drywood Termite | South Florida

“Yikes!”  might be the first phrase that comes out of your month when hearing that you have drywood termites South Florida.  Drywood termites are typically pale brown in color.  The soldier termite measures about 3/8 inch long and have lrge brownish heads with a strong jaw.  yes, strong enough to cut through wood!.

During the Alate (winged) stage they can be as long as 5/8-inch. With Florida Drywood Termites, the “worker” caste is made up of Nymph (juvenile). These Nymphs, which comprise the majority of the colony, are wingless and cream colored.

Florida drywood termites are much more different than their subterranean cousins.  Drywood termites do not require any contact with soil.  These termites acquire their nutrients and moisture through the digestion of cellulose, which is found in most household materials.

Drywood Termite | South Florida All Things Pest Control

Florida Drywood Termites have a tendency to create multiple colonies inside structures. Although often confused with sawdust, the most common way to identify an infestation is with the discovery of fecal pellets. Swarming and infestations by Florida Drywood termites are usually activated by warm temperatures and heavy rain during the Spring and Summer months. Soldier and Nymph termites remain inside the colony at all times. The Soldier termite guards the colony against attacks from enemies such as ants. Nymphs (juvenile) termites aid in all of the functions of the colony, from feeding soldier termites and assisting the King and Queen with new young, to constructing and expanding the colony. Alate (winged) termites “swarm” to find new dry wood. Once successful, these Alates soon pair, enter a small hole and create a new colony.

Treatment of Florida Drywood Termites

The most effective way to combat Florida drywood termites is with an annual inspection by All Things Pest Control. If you suspect that your home or property has been invaded call All Things Pest Control immediately and we will help you keep your termite related costs to a minimum.

The US will spend approximately $5 Billion dollars this year combating termites and repairing the damage caused by them! Many insurance policies do not include coverage against termites. Approximately 600,000 houses will be attacked with an average repair cost of $3,000 per victim!

Don’t take that risk! Schedule a FREE inspection from All Things Pest Control and we will help you protect your home from Florida Termites!

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Drywood Termites | South Florida