Bed Bug Control | South Florida

Bed Bugs Control | South Florida

Bed bugs suck.  If bed bugs are bugging you, then you’re on of the thousands of South Florida residents affected.  The increase in infestation here in Florida has been difficult to avoid, but don’t worry, we’re here to help.  Six-legged parasitic insects are rapidly taking over South Florida.  Guess where these bugs are found?  In the worst possible place, your bed.  They feed on live hosts, YOU, while you sleep .

Florida bed bugs have a light to dark reddish brown color with a flat torso.  After feeding off of the flesh of a slumbering human, they will grow up to an inch in size.  These critters jump onto a warm blooded host and pierce the skin with an elongated beak containing two tubes:

  1. one containing an anesthetic that prevents clotting while causing numbness
  2. an extraction tool for sucking out a human’s blood.

Bed bugs are very hard to find and seriously difficult to get rid of without utilizing a pest control company.  Besides fumigating your home with pesticides which can seriously damage your well-being, these critters take a bit of time to eradicate.  Call a professional Florida Pest Control Company like All Things Pest Control who specializes in Florida Bed Bugs.

Bed Bug Control | South Florida