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All Things Pest Control is a family-owned and operated business that KNOWS about South Florida Pest Control. We are a passionate group of licensed and insured pest control professionals that specialize and serve the Central and Southern coasts of Florida, adopting to the changing weather and multiple facets of pest control care.

Our team consists of friendly, intelligent exterminators that have decades of experience and the most current knowledge, tools and methods for protecting your family against insects, rodents and more. Our methods are safe, and environmentally friendly, utilizing the best products and the most effective solutions to overcome your pest problems.

All Things Pest Control is here when you need us.

We have families of our own and we can sympathize with the aggravation that comes with a home full of pests. We respond to your inquiries and calls in a swift and timely manner, providing the BEST pest control service uniquely tailored to your situation. At All Things Pest Control, our main priority is to understand the responsibility and urgency inherent in protecting your property and responding quickly to resolve the problem.

All Things Pest Control About Us | Pest Control Sunrise Plantation, FL

As a full-service, family-owned and operated, South Florida Pest Control company, All Things Pest Control, has taken a LEAD in providing superb service for the extermination and control of family, pet and planet-freindly pest control solutions.

Our education and training methods are a crucial part of All Things Pest Control’s success. We’re staffed by high-caliber, knowledgable members of the community. Also, all of our Pest Control technicians are licensed, insured and have years of experience. We’re constantly updated on the latest products, proper usage and handling of our tools and well versed on specific solutions to the invasive pest problems that populate our homes in South Florida.

Every member of our team is a lifelong resident of South Florida, active members of the community and committed to supporting every vital pest control service available to South Florida residents.

Why Should I Choose All Things Pest Control?

All Things Pest Control Family About Us

  • Our Pest Control Solutions guarantee relief of your pest control problems.
  • We use family and pet friendly solutions that rid you of your pest control problems without harming your well-being.
  • Our pest control technicians are friendly and continuously upgrade their skills with thorough product knowledge and expert training.
  • Our quick response team acts efficiently and quickly to your home or business and follows suit with an inpection and sweep of the area.

We would love to serve you! We’re available throughout South Florida!

About | South Florida Pest Control